Retro Rainbow & Shadow

Retro Rainbow & Shadow

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The Retro Rainbow & Shadow Thinket® is hand-built using a precision-machined, solid Aluminum ErgoPunk shaped Handle plated with Rainbow-Titanium PVD on top of a hard-Nickel-plated layer, two solid-brass GEN 2.5 Heads plated with lead-free hard-Nickel on top of a distressed-metal finish, and our new solid-brass Slider-Tube finished with a black PVD/DLC coating on top of a hard nickel-plated layer, all incorporated into a durable and aesthetically pleasing form-factor.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Handle of the Retro Rainbow & Shadow Thinket® is a GEN 2.0 component, and as such it is part of the Collectible Thinket Archive. This means that there may appear small surface anomalies that are visible in the plated-finish in bright light close-up.

The Retro Rainbow & Shadow Thinket® comes in an attractive drawstring-pouch for easy storage & transport.

The Retro Rainbow & Shadow Thinket® is Handmade in the USA to fill each order.

The shipping weight of this Thinket version (not the actual weight) is approx 8 oz to allow for proper support & padding during transit.

PLEASE NOTE: All Thinket and ChessMate products are handmade to fill each customer order, and there is a workshop queue by order-date.

WARNING: Choking Hazard. Every Thinket® contains one or more strong magnets, so please keep it away from small children or pets that might swallow it.  Do not place the Thinket® on or too close to magnetically sensitive devices and storage media such as: Pacemakers, credit cards, gift cards, watches, computer hard drives, and other such magnetically sensitive items.  Do not attempt to put your fingers inside the Thinket®, nor to disassemble it, nor to use it to tap, thump, or hit people, animals, or objects. Please exercise common sense while handling the Thinket®, and please use the Thinket responsibly and considerately at all times.

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