Asymmetry Thinket  (Coppertina, Nickel & Copper)
Asymmetry Thinket  (Coppertina, Nickel & Copper)
Asymmetry Thinket  (Coppertina, Nickel & Copper)
Asymmetry Thinket  (Coppertina, Nickel & Copper)
Asymmetry Thinket  (Coppertina, Nickel & Copper)
Asymmetry Thinket  (Coppertina, Nickel & Copper)

Asymmetry Thinket (Coppertina, Nickel & Copper)

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The GEN 3.0 Asymmetry Thinket (Coppertina, Nickel & Copper), has a distressed-metal surface on solid Nickel-plated Brass for the heat-patina treated Copper-plated Standard-action Handle, with a distressed-metal finish for the Copper-plated aluminum Slider-Heads, while the smooth Slider-Tube is solid Nickel-plated Brass.

IMPORTANT: Please note that the images shown here of the heat-patina treated components show some examples of the effects that can occur with the surface distressing and heat-patina treatment processes. The finish colors and surface textures may differ widely from one Thinket to the next.

The specially grooved Slider-Heads are designed to accommodate special 15mm O-Rings for cool added haptic effects.

The Asymmetry Thinket form-factor has a clicking-action that's almost exactly like the Standard Thinket, and it too adds a "reassuring-thud"effect to the "satisfying-bounce" that has always been delivered by each and every Standard Thinket.

There are two main differences between the Asymmetry and Standard Thinkets:

1) The Asymmetry Slider is 1/4" shorter than the Standard Slider; and

2) The large Neodymium magnet in the Asymmetry Slider is not centered inside the Tube, so that the Slider pops out slightly more from one Handle opening than the other, which makes for some fun haptic feedback sensations depending upon which Handle configuration is used. 

Just as with all GEN 3.0 Thinkets, he special "thud" sensation is achieved by means of the custom-machined O-Ring groove in each of the GEN 3.0 Slider-Heads. Several high-quality O-Rings are included with each Thinket Now for use with those grooves.

 The Asymmetry Thinket (Coppertina, Nickel & Copper) comes in an attractive drawstring-pouch for easy storage & transport.

The Asymmetry Thinket (Coppertina, Nickel & Copper) is made in the USA.

The shipping weight of this Thinket version (not the actual weight) is approximately 8 oz to allow for proper support & padding during transit.

PLEASE NOTE: Our products are not sitting on a shelf waiting to be shipped out. Rather, they are completed to fill each customer order, and there is a workshop queue by order-date.

IMPORTANT: Every Thinket® contains one or more strong magnets, so please keep it away from small children or pets that might swallow it.  Do not place the Thinket® on or too close to magnetically sensitive devices and storage media such as: Credit cards, gift cards, watches, computer hard drives, and other such magnetically sensitive items.  Please exercise common sense while handling the Thinket®, and please use the Thinket responsibly and considerately at all times.

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