The Most Basic Thinket

The Most Basic Thinket

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The Most Basic Thinket® is hand-built using a precision-machined White Acetyl Handle, two White Acetyl Slider-Heads, and a solid stainless-steel Slider-Tube with a precision-ground finish, all incorporated into a classic, durable, and pleasingly lightweight form-factor.

The Most Basic Thinket® comes in an attractive drawstring-pouch for easy storage & transport.

The Most Basic Thinket® is Handmade in the USA to fill each order.

The shipping weight of this Thinket version (not the actual weight) is approx 6 oz to allow for proper support & padding during transit.

PLEASE NOTE: All Thinket and ChessMate products are handmade to fill each customer order, and there is a workshop queue by order-date.

WARNING: Choking Hazard. The Thinket® contains one very strong magnet, so please keep it away from small children or pets that might swallow it.  Do not place it on or too close to magnetically sensitive devices and storage media such as: Pacemakers, credit cards, gift cards, watches, computer hard drives, and other such magnetically sensitive items.  Do not attempt to put your fingers inside the Thinket, nor to disassemble it, nor to use it to thump or hit people, animals, or other objects. Please exercise common sense while handling the Thinket, and please use the Thinket responsibly and considerately at all times.

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