The ChessMate Ultima
The ChessMate Ultima

The ChessMate Ultima

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The ChessMate® Ultima is our most popular stand-alone pocket chess set.

The ChessMate Ultima is hand-wrapped in our flexible, Black Imitation-Ostrich material, with a capture-panel built-into the magnetic closure-flap.

The board colors are light tan & very dark green, the border-design is an elegant antique-gold color, and the entire board surface has a clear laminated coating to protect it for many years to come.

And just as with our other pocket chess sets, the board itself opens to a generous 6 inches by 6 inches.

The ChessMate Ultima includes our CM120 disk-piece Kit, and that CM120 kit comes with 32 pieces plus four extra pieces per-side for promotion (Queen, Rook, Bishop and Knight), a total of 40 pieces in all.

The 9/16" diameter disk-pieces hold to the surface quite well once assembled with the 7/16" diameter magnetic buttons (yet they glide easily around the board during use), while the 6" folding board (with 11/16" squares) has a clear, thin-laminate coating to protect the chess board image for many years to come.

Please note that some minor assembly of the piece-disks is required for the CM120 disk-piece KIT).

The ChessMate Ultima is great for playing, analyzing, and composing, and it's also portable for playing and traveling whether by plane, train, bus, boat, or car.

The approximate shipping-weight for this item is 15 0z.

And remember, the ChessMate Ultima is handmade in the USA.

PLEASE NOTE: Our products are not sitting on a shelf waiting to be shipped out. Rather, they are completed to fill each customer order, and there is a workshop queue by order-date.

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