About Us

The Thinket is a patented stress-relief & fidget device invented by David Weinstock, the owner of Thinket.com, Mindspan Labs, and ChessMate.com.

David has created and developed numerous versions of the Thinket since 2009, launching and fulfilling three successful Kickstarter projects aimed at the continuous evolution of the device ("The Thinket" in 2013, "The Thinket Too" in 2014, and "The Thinket Now" in 2018).

Recently David has been working behind the scenes preparing for the eventual launch of his next Kickstarter project to be called "Deep Thinket," while simultaneously developing interim Thinket improvements in design, materials, and manufacturing.

David is also the creator of the ChessMate brand of Pocket & Travel Chess Sets, which have been sold around the world since 1993, and are available for purchase (and featured here on Thinket.com) from a special collection of his most current ChessMate Pocket & Travel sets.

Mindspan Labs is based in the greater Seattle area, in Bellevue, WA USA.