The ChessMate Ultima
The ChessMate Ultima

The ChessMate Ultima

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One of our two most popular pocket chess sets (the other is our ChessMate® Wallet), the ChessMate® Ultima is our top stand-alone pocket chess set.

The ChessMate Ultima is hand-wrapped in our flexible, Black Imitation-Ostrich material, and has a built-in magnetic capture-panel.

The board colors are light tan & very dark green, the border-design is an elegant antique-gold color, and the entire board surface has a clear laminated coating to protect it for many years to come.

And just as with our other pocket chess sets, the board itself opens to a generous 6 inches by 6 inches.  Each set includes four extra pieces per side for promotion (Queen, Rook, Bishop and Knight; please note that some minor assembly of the piece disks is required with the CM120 disk-piece KIT).

PLEASE NOTE:  The ChessMate® Ultima comes with our CM120 Ultra-Flat Disk Piece KIT, and once assembled these disk pieces allow you to save an ongoing game-position.

The ChessMate Ultima is a pleasure on which to play, analyze, and compose, and it's also quite portable for playing and traveling in style whether by plane, train, bus, boat, or car.

The approximate shipping-weight for this item is 15 0z.

And remember, the ChessMate Ultima is handmade in the USA.


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